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A ubiquitous topic again in 2013, we round up what CIOs said in the last year about cloud computing.

"The point of cloud is to improve scale and scale is about opportunity, that could be a merger, so we need to turn on services very, very quickly."
Richard Hodkinson, CTO at DFW LLP

News UK CIO and COO Chris Taylor

"Our target is to have 100% of our infrastructure in the cloud. We're currently running at around 25% and the target is to be at 75% in the next two years."
News UK CIO and COO Chris Taylor

"We utilise the cloud for different functions. The cloud is such a strange term and I don't think we've decided as an industry what the cloud really means."
Transport for London CIO Steve Townsend

"Of course public or private cloud is a debate that is very much about the eye of the beholder, so for our clients we provide lots of data from our systems, so they are using a cloud service we provide.

GE CIO Neil Dyke

"It's not just about cloud it’s about enabling access to common data. For our machinery in oil and gas or aircraft there are a lot of remote monitoring that customers can access and use."
GE CIO Neil Dyke

"Cloud computing is one of the strategies we’ve have employed to make government IT more cost-effective and to involve a wider range of suppliers, and we are moving to a cloud-first position.

"The government CloudStore offers a dynamic procurement system that permits companies to sell their technologies."
Government CTO Liam Maxwell

Suffolk County Council CIO Mark Adams-Wright

"Suppliers are in business to make money, not lose business, so cloud services will be lost and won by service."
Mark Adams-Wright, Suffolk

"Cloud is a good idea, but the weak point for a geographically diverse business like ourselves is connectivity, and that is more of an issue than the security. Unsurprisingly, the industry has jumped on security as a topic of concern, but I am surprised more people are not seeing connectivity as an issue."
Bidwells IT director Philip Van Enis