CIO Roundtable: How to adopt a Zero Trust security model

CIO Roundtable: How to adopt a Zero Trust security model
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29 January 2020
Scott Carey, B2B Group Editor, CIO UK, Computerworld & Techworld
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Join an exclusive group of your peers at the first CIO Roundtable of 2020 on How to adopt a Zero Trust security model. Taking place at the iconic Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay on Wednesday 29th January, you will be free to  discuss with fellow CIOs, CISOs and technology executives best practice for adopting a Zero Trust security model in your organisations and how to conquer implementation challenges.

The explosion of mobile and cloud technologies has dissolved the traditional perimeter. As a result, organisations can no longer assume trust based on whether or not the user is on the corporate network. 

With more than 80% of today’s data breaches being caused by compromised or poor credentials* in attacks like phishing, credential stuffing and password spray, organisations can't always trust users based just on a username/password, and IT needs a way to verify trust in the user and the device before granting access. In this world, people – and their identities – become the new perimeter. 

When people are the perimeter, identity becomes the foundation of a Zero Trust security model, the central control point across users, devices and their networks.

Topics to be discussed at this CIO Roundtable include:

  • Challenges CIOs/CISOs face in implementing Zero Trust
  • Examples of implementation issues when applying a Zero Trust model
  • Steps your organisation can take to improve the path to Zero Trust security
  • Best practice for building a Zero Trust model in Europe
  • How to make Identity the foundation for Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a conceptual architectural model created by Forrester in 2010. In Europe, companies are using Zero Trust principles heavily in cloud migrations — they’re just not calling it Zero Trust.
*Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 2017


7.00pm - 7.30pm - Registration and welcome drinks

7.30pm - 9.30pm - Dinner and discussion 

9.30pm - 10.00pm - After dinner drinks and close


Scott Carey, Group Editor, IDG UK B2B

Scott is an experienced enterprise technology journalist, as comfortable writing analysis as he is hosting industry events and appearing on broadcast media. He has a keen interest in big IT and cloud vendors, deep knowledge of the SaaS market and digital transformation at some of the UK's biggest companies, and a contacts book that covers the industry from top to bottom.

Who should attend

Please note that this event is open to senior IT leaders from enterprise companies only. Registration does not guarantee your place at this event, and you will be contacted with confirmation of your attendance.


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