IT services company Atos Origin has acquired software that helps train passengers find the best fare and enables them to access their tickets in the way most convenient to them.

Atos Origin said that the Tribute Desktop Ticket Issuing Software (TIS) is “vital” for train operating companies to manage ticket and fare information.

Tribute was created to manage the ticket issuing systems supporting more than 750 terminals across the UK after the privatisation of British Rail in 1996.

Tony Lacy, general manager for transport at Atos, said: “This software is a vital component of rail travel and infrastructure that keeps the UK on track. Whilst it operates behind the scenes, passengers rely on it to access the best fare and receive their ticket in the easiest way possible – either from self-service kiosks, ticket offices, on-train, mobile or e-ticketing.”

The company has also made a commitment to continue developing the software to “further enhance the customer experience”.

Last year, Atos acquired Shere, which supplied integrated self-service, web and desktop systems for UK rail and the hospitality industry.

The company also made its first foray into the consumer retail market in July 2010 with the launch of a rail ticket retail website that allows all travellers to earn loyalty points that they can use towards the cost of future journeys.