Avis Europe has completed the integration of the CA Clarity PPM software system for project management. The hire car company plans to get a rapid return on investment from the CA Technologies implementation.

CA Technologies, its partners Sandhill Consultants and the Avis IT team completed the integration of Clarity PPM in 90 days.

“As a team, they have been supportive of our business goals, working to resolve business challenges and get the system up and running,” CIO Adam Gerrard said in a statement. Discussing his selection criteria, Adam Gerrard, Avis Europe CIO said: “Initially, we found a different supplier’s solution did not meet all our needs, so we reviewed the market and selected Clarity PPM for its ability to implement the system rapidly out of the box.”

Moving to the Clarity system has allowed Avis Europe to move its project management away from a series of spreadsheets on to a dashboard that means management can measure progress with agreed metrics and increased rigour. Project managers can now see 20 projects in a single view on the dashboard and the entire “book of work” that the IT team has been tasked with. Gerrard’s team is now able to make better use of its resources.

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Avis Europe will now begin to roll-out Clarity PPM across its European offices in the second half of 2010. In a recent interview with CIO UK Gerrard detailed that his team operates in functional groups across the continent working on specific projects.

CA renames itself as CA Technologies