Best business intelligence software

We examine some of the top applications to turn business data into actionable insights

Data is a huge part of every organisation and businesses can struggle to keep up pace. Gathering the right insights is another daunting aspect, so it's no surprise many seek a quick and easy method to manage both.

Excel spreadsheets used to be the method of choice but today businesses may find themselves faced with millions of data points and no clear idea of how to use them.

This is where Business intelligence (BI) tools come in, making analysing all this data a more manageable task.

These tools can be used to discover, analyse, transform and report data. There are a vast range of tools, each suited to different types of businesses and data tasks.

CIO UK runs through the best ones on the market for every business purpose. Let us know if we're missing any that you think deserve a place on the list.

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Additional reporting by Laurie Clarke and Hannah Williams