Bristol City Council has awarded a £39.7m contract for enterprise resource planning software and development services to Agilisys.

Under the deal, Agilisys will help to integrate the council’s back office systems.

Around £1.1m of the contract is likely to be contracted to third parties, according to a contract award notice.

Analyst firm TechMarketView speculated that the third parties would include Unit 4.

“We wouldn’t be surprised if said third party were Unit 4 for the provision of its Agresso software. Agilisys is working with the ERP provider at several other local authorities, for example, at North Somerset and Tower Hamlets,” said analyst Georgina O’Toole.

“In addition, Unit 4 is headquartered in Bristol...though we understand that EU procurement rules prohibit favouritism towards local IT firms.”

Bristol is a council that also uses open source technology widely, recently deploying an open source electronic document management system from Alfresco, and it also developed its online open source Drupal operating system with outsourcer Capgemini earlier this year to help streamline and improve its web services.

In April, London’s Tower Hamlets Council signed a £70m, seven-year strategic partnership deal with Agilisys that is intended to deliver more than £29m in ICT cost savings.