British Airways, the UK’s largest airline, is installing a system from BT to improve its monitoring of freight during transportation.

The airline’s World Cargo (BAWC) arm will use BT’s Route Management Service (RMS) to monitor freight during transit, and produce detailed reports of the latest location of the goods and the timing of their arrival at checkpoints en route to their final destination.

Under the deal, BT will install and maintain the Route Management Service, which should help freight companies plan, execute and measure the performance of their transportation and comply with industry quality requirements.

Phil Jones, information systems manager at BAWC, said: “Air freight volumes are expected to increase significantly in line with world trade over the next decade ... The exchange of accurate and timely information is vital”.

BAWC carries freight, mail and courier traffic to over 80 countries and has recently launched new routes to Germany, Pakistan and Trinidad. Its parent operation, BA, is building up to the opening next year of Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow airport, on which is has spent an estimated £75 on IT systems. The new BT system will be used in Terminal 5 and around the world in BA's freight operations.