BT Global Services has signed an agreement with BigFix to use its platform to deliver a new remote working service, BT MobileXpress Desktop Management.

BT MobileXpress allows remote and mobile workers to securely access corporate data and applications. The addition of BigFix’s solutions via Software-as-a-Service enables BT’s customers to manage their mobile and remote PCs.

Under the contract, BigFix will provide Asset Inventory Management, Software Distribution, Software Asset Management, Security Configuration and Power Management.

The SaaS solution supports Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows and Windows Mobile platforms. BigFix said its solution is also able to provide continuous compliance, making and validating changes across 5000 to 500,000 machines in minutes.

Jonathan Brasnett, head of global mobility capability at BT Global Services, said: “Integrating BigFix into our service delivery and customer management platform gives us greater agility when introducing new value-add services to BT MobileXpress.

"Additionally, it will enable us to reduce the complexity associated with managing remote device environments, an area which our customers are telling us is increasingly important.”