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Cape Plc has halved SAP support costs and prolonged its product life cycles by turning to Rimini Street, according to the energy services company's CIO Dave Jones.

Cape, which is a specialist supplier to industrial and construction companies, began to reassess its SAP support in 2012.

"We came across Rimini Street, had a good look at them including having calls with several reference sites with some of their established UK customer base, before deciding to take their offering," Jones told CIO UK.

Rimini Street specialises in third-party support for enterprise software, particularly Oracle and SAP products, rather than relying on add-on support services from the vendors themselves.

Jones said: "By engaging with Rimini Street we've managed to significantly prolong the lifecycle of the application and not be forced into expensive technical upgrades.

"This has allowed us time to carefully select which product and platform is suitable for the long-term requirements of Cape."

Digital transformation

Cape currently uses SAP in a number of areas, including full accounting modules for its three contracting businesses across the UK, payroll, procurement and scaffolding equipment control.

Prior to becoming a Rimini Street customer, Cape had support from the SAP partner organisation that assisted with the configuration of the company's payroll and scaffolding module.

However, Jones confirmed that the costs of these systems had decreased significantly since joining Rimini Street.

"This Rimini Street department in the last two years have been exceptional in their solutions and response times. The price was halved once we switched from SAP to Rimini Street," he said, adding that the statutory updates were another benefit.

Cape CIO Jones was recognised in the 2017 CIO 100, helping the company develop its own works control systems rather than choosing an off-the-shelf alternative and managing a multimillion pound project which has been cited as a strategic differentiator for the organisation and helping it win more business.

Vendor management

In recent years, a mixture of customers have chosen to stay with original support providers while others made a shift to Rimini Street.

For customers that remained faithful to original providers, some may agree that convenience and relationship were the two main reasons which led to that decision.

Speaking about the relationship between Cape and Rimini Street, Jones stressed that a direct phone line to the third-party provider was key to cutting out any misunderstandings from emails, and helped bring the two together as one partnership.

"Rimini Street account management is quite good; the escalation paths are clear," Jones added.