Dow Corning is using SAP to create product compliance documents for 14,000 products in 100 countries.

Dow Corning is a specialist in silicones and silicon-based technology, and is equally owned by the Dow Chemical Company and Corning.

The company is required to constantly monitor rapidly changing product safety regulations in different countries and apply the relevant changes to its product compliance documents.

It also has to be prepared to answer questions about the chemical composition and exposure scenarios for all its products.

The chemical manufacturer will rely on the new SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand content service, to provide 100,000 safety data sheets in more than 30 languages for its 14,000 products sold in over 100 countries.

The on-demand application will be used in conjunction with Dow Corning's on-premise SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) application. The firm also use SAP ERP software. Dow Corning will benefit from the standardisation of global processes and content, which will help reduce risks and allow the company to continue to avoid, fines, product impoundment and product liability claims.

"We have long relied on SAP software and services to help us maintain compliance with global regulations,” said Peter Cartwright, vice president for environment, health and safety at Dow Corning. “This additional step will enable us to focus our resources on other regulatory issues while SAP helps us to standardise the safety data sheet generation processes globally.”

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