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The global enterprise software market expanded by 5.5% year over year during the first half of 2013 to $179 billion, a result that suggests a tentative rebound from economic turmoil in Europe, according to analyst firm IDC.

Global software revenue ticked up 5.1% during the same period in 2012, IDC said. For the full year 2013, IDC expects a 5.7% growth rate.

"Enterprises are seeing new opportunities to drive new and improved products and services by leveraging information," IDC senior vice president Henry Morris said. "Therefore, it stands to reason that software to manage, access, and share information (structured and unstructured) continues to be a priority for competing in today's economy."

The analyst firm breaks the software market into three main segments: applications; application development and deployment; and systems infrastructure.

Applications experienced a 5.8% sales increase in the first half of this year, driven by 28.3% growth in enterprise social networking product sales.

Application development and deployment product revenue lagged those results slightly, with a 5.1% first-half growth rate. Systems infrastructure software sales also increased 5.1% overall, but the system software subcategory jumped more than 8 percent due to factors such as the Windows 8 launch, according to IDC.

By region, Latin America was the fastest-growing area with an 8.6% uptick, followed by the US with 7.9%. Growth was 5.1% in Western Europe.

Asia-Pacific saw a 6.6% rise in software revenue but only when Japan is excluded. A devalued yen resulted in a 9.2% drop in software revenue there when calculated in US dollars, IDC said.