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Mobile working has shifted from being an optional extra to playing a significant role in today’s organisations. More companies are looking to the latest technologies in the consumer world to support their workforce, and to meet demands for greater flexibility, efficiency, cost savings and improved productivity.

According to studies, by 2020, 72.3% of the workforce will be mobile. Nevertheless, many companies are struggling to meet their worker’s expectations. Employees want to simplify their business and personal activities by utilising the latest technology and devices in the workplace, and as technology continues to advance rapidly, and costs continue to rise, they are looking at how they can achieve this in the most cost-effective way.

The problem is there are significant costs associated with giving employees the latest technology and now, more than ever, companies want the advantages that having employees using the latest high-spec consumer technology brings. But with new models emerging all the time, most IT budgets can’t support this pace of change, which can help future-proof the business.

Over the past decade, BYOD (bring your own device), COPE (corporate-owned personally-enabled) and CYOD (choose your own device) have given companies ways in which to provide the latest technology devices to their employees. But they have all fallen short, in their own way, by not addressing the underlining drivers for a successful deployment in the eyes of both the company and their employees.

Depending on what model is operated, employees might bring any device into the workplace, which could be detrimental to business operations. Or, the company controls what devices can come into the business, but use a process that offers no financial benefit for their employees or to themselves.  

Current trends are not designed to maximise procurement and other device-related savings for the company, who can also struggle to incentivise their employees to take part. In fact, organisations have generally borne the cost of managing and supporting employee devices adding even greater pressure to already over stretched IT budgets.

Flexetech, the next generation of CYOD

However, new strategies are emerging as a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional BYOD, COYD and COPE. Offering employees, a choice of the latest devices, (approved by the business). One service provider that has been pioneering innovative end user IT procurement solutions is Intelligent Rewards. Developed over the last 5 years by working with companies of all sizes on a variety of IT deployment initiatives, and from conversations with IBM, Apple and Intel amongst others.

It looked in depth at the problems associated with existing trends and practices to develop Flexetech which takes the best parts of the existing deployment options, enhances them and adds in some unique functionality and benefits.

Flexetech’s company and employee advantages

Flexetech is delivered through a fully managed service with no set up, or user fees, that significantly reduces IT hardware spending, provides rapid deployment through a company branded platform, and offers a no cost option through a cash flow positive finance solution.

With the savings Flexetech delivers companies can invest in critical projects and new initiatives to drive business efficiencies, competitive advantage and growth.

Working with the existing supply chain, or through its own network of suppliers, Flexetech is also tax efficient, allowing companies to benefit from employer NIC reductions, and recover VAT, if VAT registered. Additionally, because Flexetech is a fully insured service it also removes the cost of hardware device insurance for the business.

For employees Flexetech greatly reduces the cost of hardware devices saving them up to 50% off the equivalent high street package prices, giving them access to the latest technology (approved by the business) for a fraction of the cost.

Tony Gregory, Co-Founder and Director of Intelligent Rewards, says: “Flexetech is about helping companies deploy new technology in the most cost efficient way; to reduce the cost of the IT estate and meet employee demands for the latest technology in the workplace. Flexetech is the next generation of hardware CYOD, delivering tremendous savings that can be invested into other projects to help drive the business forward.”

In this way, Flexetech can lower device and related costs for companies, making them more competitive, raising employee satisfaction, retention and productivity, and bringing the latest technology into the business.