How 10 leading CIOs are approaching blockchain

Leading CIOs describe how they are considering using the emerging digital ledger technology in their organisations

Rarely a week goes by without blockchain being featured in the news. Earlier this year, CIO UK cited blockchain as one of the main technologies CIOs were looking to invest in for 2018. A number of CIOs and COOs including Save the Children CIO Karl Hoods, Lloyds of London COO Shirine Khoury-Haq and London City Airport former COO Alison FitzGerald have explored blockchain for further opportunities in their organisations. 

Blockchain is gradually transforming the use of peer-to-peer managed digital currencies such as bitcoin across all industries. It can loosely be described as a technology that creates an immutable, shared and distributed ledger of record for data.

Government, health care and financial services organisations are all looking into the technology to deliver greater efficiencies in currency, data and digital assets.

Here, we offer insight from 10 leading UK CIOs and tech leaders on how they are embracing blockchain to help improve their digital strategies.

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