HP has introduced a service to help its server customers migrate to virtualised environments.

HP Critical Advantage is targetted at customers of its ProLiant server range and means that ProLiant customers can benefit from a dedicated team to handle problems thrown up moving to a virtualised environment.  Reuben Melville , mission critical business development manager said, “This is a technical solution that can help our customers migrate to virtualisation.”

He said that many of HP customers having experimented with virtualisation were moving to install major applications into a virtualised environment. “They’ve been experimenting with the minimum now they’re looking to move business critical services,” he said. “so we decided to offer them help with this, to ensure that they didn’t lose on performance.”

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Melville claimed that HP was the first major x86 offering its customers this sort of service and said that the service had two main components:  a defined set of services based on industry best practices for change management and process improvement helps prevent unplanned downtime by anticipating potential issues and a range of optional credits complemented this basic offering.

The new service is about supporting the customer, said Melville. "They get an accounts support manager. We work with customer and make recommendations on firmware and patches. And when it comes to solving problems with the virtualisation, we look at trend analysis to identify patterns."