Applications vendor Infor Global Solutions has laid off employees at Hansen Information Technologies and Workbrain, two companies it recently acquired, the company confirmed.

Infor released a statement that did not say how many employees were laid off or whether more layoffs are planned.

"The number of employees affected is consistent with our previous acquisitions," Infor said. "These actions are a standard component of our operating model to quickly improve management 'span of control,' operating efficiency, density of domain experts as a percentage of the overall workforce and streamline decision-making capabilities, all of which benefit the Hansen and Workbrain customers."

A company spokesman said Infor will not discuss details of the layoffs.

Infor announced its $92-million (£46.6m) purchase of Hansen last month, and the $227m (£114.9m) purchase of Workbrain in April. Hansen is a government revenue asset-management software firm and Workbrain makes online workforce management software.

Prior to Infor's confirmation of the layoffs, one Network World reader posted an anonymous comment saying layoffs occurred this week and claiming that Infor plans more layoffs at Hansen and Workbrain over the next four months.

"It's been devastating to say the least," the post states. "Guess this is what a company owned by venture capitalists does when they only concentrate on numbers and never on the devastation to peoples lives. Senior managers threw the rest of us under the bus just to save their own jobs! What goes around comes around eventually."

Infor, founded in 2002, has purchased about 20 companies and has annual revenue of $2.1 billion.

Infor also laid off employees at Datastream Systems, which it agreed to purchase in January 2006 for $216 million. The number of layoffs was not announced, but reports at the time said most of the company's 600 employees would keep their jobs.