Kalido has introduced a new component to its Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) suite of products.

The company claimed that Business Information Modeler is set to transform the use of business intelligence by offering BI professionals the opportunity to make changes to the way that data warehouse information is presented.

In particular, said Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido, said the software will allow users to make changes to the way that the information is presented without a need to alter the underlying transactional database.

“What it offers is the ability to make changes within the business tool itself: this is unique, other products will allow users to make changes only by making changes to the transaction system.” He claimed that this would lead to a considerable saving in time and cost, as well as delivering information in a more efficient manner.

The savings come because the new tool means that programmers don’t need to make change to the database, a process that could take months

“I’ve seen a lot of logical models over the years, and most are created with isolated modelling tools, without direct connection to the data that will populate the model,” said Philip Russom, Senior Manager of Research at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI).

“Due to this disconnect, getting from the model to an actual deliverable – like data warehouse structures and reports – is an indirect and manual process that takes time and is prone to error.”

Hewitt said that the tool had only just started beta trials but the response so far had been positive. “It meets a need that hasn’t been filled elsewhere,” he said.

The Kalido Business Information Modeler is due out at the beginning of March. Hewitt said that it was difficult to put a price on the product as it would depend on the configuration but he said that it would cost around about $100,000 for a standard implementation.