Virgin Mobile has invested in output management technology to underpin the delivery of customer service enhancements. The investment will also drive cost and efficiency savings within the organisation’s logistics operation.

The mobile operator has bought document output, storage and retrieval software product, Formscape V3 from enterprise content management (ECM) provider FormScape and professional services from The Content Group (TCG). The providers will implement and configure the software and integrate it to Virgin Mobile’s Strategix enterprise resource planning (ERP) application.

Virgin Mobile receives on average 10,000 orders per week for new phones from its direct customers, and answers a number of calls per day from customers enquiring where their goods are. As part of a wider recent review of Virgin Mobile’s customer service offering, the company identified new requirements for improved output management capabilities.

Paul Brassett, Virgin Mobile’s logistics support manager said: "We currently send thousands of boxes daily from our logistics centre, and each of those boxes is accompanied by a dispatch note and an invoice, plus, in the case of new customers, a welcome letter.

“We realised that by combining the dispatch note and invoice, and by having our warehouse dispatch process trigger an email confirmation notice to the customer, we could cut down the amount of paper being printed by over a third, reduce the number of in-bound customer enquiries we currently receive and improve our overall delivery of service to our customers.”

In addition, by printing the documents through Formscape V3, the company will be able to save approximately 10 to 15 seconds on each document, making for a slicker and more efficient dispatch process.

He continues, “It sounds relatively straightforward, but the process requires the entire logistics operation to be integrated with our ERP system, and until recently, there wasn’t a technology solution available that could do the job cost effectively.”