Defence contractor Lockheed Martin has signed a £13.9m deal for software to run a new management information system for the Ministry of Defence.

The agreement is the largest ever licence contract signed by the asset management software provider IFS Applications.

The software will form a key part of the Joint Asset Management Engineering Solution (James) Land project to replace the existing, James 1 system currently used by 9,000 users in the regular UK army to improve asset usage with minimal fleet sizes.

IFS Applications said its software would be used to expand the functionality of the James 1 systems by adding components to handle processes involved in engineering, asset data collection and analysis as well as workshop management for the modification of assets.

The new system will provide the Army with asset information related to identification, configuration and maintenance requirements as well as current usage and owner. The James system will also be extended to include ground-based equipment used by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. The goal is to improve availability, enhance operational and training effectiveness, and reduce equipment support costs.

The rollout of James Land is scheduled to commence in 2010.

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