Google fridge

Some 44% of the FTSE 100, and 80% of the German DAX, are now using Google Enterprise products, according to the internet giant's business division.

Google Enterprise products include Google Apps, Search, Maps, and the Google Cloud Platform - although a breakdown of which products were the most popular with the FTSE companies was not available.

Thomas Davies, Google Enterprise's director of Northern, Eastern & Central Europe, said that the company's success is down to its focus on communicating business outcomes.

"We've tried this year, candidly, to stop talking about products - because actually our customers don't care about the products. So we have tried really hard to understand the technical, the business, and the cultural outcome they desire and then map the solution regardless of product," said Davies.

"If I was a CIO and CFO I would still use total cost of ownership as the foundation of the business case, because if you can get anywhere between a 30% and 70% reduction that's great, but it's actually the technical, the business, and the cultural outcome that most companies are looking for. They aren't just looking at the cost."

Davies gave some examples of high profile customer wins for the Google division, including ITV, Travis Perkins, John Lewis, Ocado, Vodafone, Dyson, and Whirlpool.

He went on to say that he would like Google Enterprise to experience double digit growth year-on-year with regard to its presence in FTSE 100 and DAX customers.

Davies also said that Google is in a unique position to help enterprise customers deal with the growing challenge of implementing a digital strategy within their organisation, as it has a background in online and consumer technologies.

"Having spoken to a lot of analysts and customers here, this sense of a digital and an enterprise strategy starting to come together is becoming too difficult to ignore. We're at an inflection point in the industry. You think about the role of CIO - they have spent eight years under massive economic duress, they are just starting to take the opportunity to take on these four macro trends (cloud, big data, mobile, social), then they see this collapse of digital down upon them," he said.

"For the CIO it's quite daunting, but there's lots of great work going on and there's a lot of innovation happening. Our heritage is in consumerisation, we've seen the consumerisation of IT, and in Google Enterprise we are layering those security controls around that."

He added: "I think we have only got upsides in bringing the digital and enterprise piece together and I don't think there are many other companies that can do that and we need to take advantage of it."