NetSuite announced that it was planning to build a datacentre in the British Isles to as part of an increased focus on UK customers.

Talking at the NetSuite’s customer event in London yesterday, chief executive Zach Nelson, said: “It’s on the cards, we’ll be looking at it next year. Within the next 12 to 18 months you’ll see a datacentre this side of the water.

“We are considering somewhere in the England or Ireland – whichever has the backbone necessary to support the users we have now and the capacity to where we want to expand to.

“My ancestors are from North Ireland, so we’re looking at that too,” joked Nelson. “And of course, because of the tax breaks.”

Addressing concerns about having an on-demadn vendor like NetSuite host companies’ mission-critical data, Steve Willets, managing director of internet trading company IT 24/7 said: “It’s a decision you have to take and one that does have issues. But in the end, it is easier for us to have it hosted as a company and we are comfortable that our data will be secure.”

Jason Roberts, managing director of engineering services company ARRK Technology added: “Ultimately when it comes to data security we know that Netsuite can throw more money at it than we can afford to.”