A long-anticipated set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the controversial SAP Enterprise Support Service are coming soon, the company said.

The KPIs were first announced in November, following months of protest from some users over the vendor's decision to transition customers to Enterprise Support, which offers greater help, but more expensive.

SAP pledged to work with SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network), an organisation consisting of user group leaders from around the world, on the KPIs.

In a February interview, SAP executive board member Jim Hagemann Snabe told the IDG News Service, which is published by the same company as CIO UK, that SAP would "still need most of Q1" to finish them.

At this point, SAP is awaiting word from SUGEN on the KPIs, after which they will be finalised and released, according to SAP spokesman Saswato Das. "We are very close, we should get something very soon," Das said.

SUGEN representatives could not be reached for comment.

Forrester Research analyst Ray Wang said users were eager to see the KPIs.

"Many of us had felt it would not be an easy task to come up with KPIs that could be agreed upon by users and SAP that would fairly show the value or lack of value with Enterprise Support," Wang said.

"It would not be surprising if they need more time to get the metrics right. However, many clients took SAP at face value and are awaiting SAP's progress in this area to determine their next move in contract negotiations. A lot is riding on this."