Oracle looks set to concentrate on the management of proliferating data across the enterprise at its annual US user conference this week.

In the first OpenWorld keynote, Chuck Rozwat Oracle's executive vice president of Server Technologies outlined Oracle's technology vision and product road map for data management.

"Most companies have a collection of different applications, so getting a single view of information, customers, and suppliers can be difficult," Rozwat told delegates.

He said a new Oracle Database version, 11g would contain 482 new features aimed at addressing business intelligence issues as a result of huge cross-system data growth.

Rozwat also discussed more current Oracle technology including its Content Database 10g, Oracle Records Database 10g, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g, and Oracle Audit Vault 10g. He said these products would help CIOs and IT directors manage content across the enterprise.

Grid was also firmly on the Oracle agenda for meeting today’s enterprise computing issues.

"As data volumes increase, stress is being put on existing computing resources. The ability to scale is incredibly important, and you need an architecture that allows you to plug in more servers," said Rozwat. "Grid computing has grown over the years because of this."

He said companies are struggling to bring all this information to users in an integrated way.

"The amount of information that's being generated is truly incredible," he said. "However, the demands on how we use information can turn an asset into a liability. Oracle has new solutions to harness this information explosion."

And he said the complete portfolio of products, including Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, grid computing and development products would be geared towards the aim managing data growth more effectively.