Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has signed outsourcing deals with IT supplier Infosys and Fabric Worldwide – part of the WPP advertising agency – in order to improve its delivery of content online.

The move comes alongside a new shared services function, which will be created by the outsourcers, and will drive globally standardised processes at the company. GSK aims to improve the way it engages with consumers and healthcare professionals, through the new initiative.

The shared services function, to be called Global Digital Services, will run on a cloud computing based platform developed by the outsourcers. GSK said this setup will allow it to "quickly build digital assets" and engage in conversation with customers across multiple digital channels.

The platform will bring about improved workflow capabilities, and foster the re-use of digital assets, GSK said.

The company also expects to be able to use the platform's advanced analytical capabilities to better understand consumer segments and improve audience insight.

The outsourcers will also focus on providing advanced marketing analytics and other marketing services.

Phil Benton, VP of digital services at GSK, said: "We recognise that our customers, consumers and other external stakeholders increasingly want to engage with us online.

"Global Digital Services will enable us to provide globally standard processes, scalable assets and advanced analytics to support better and more efficient engagement with these external audiences."