French car maker Renault is deploying Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise in its datacentres in a move which will improve interoperability and help its virtualisation projects.

Under the agreement, Renault is purchasing more than 1,000 certificates for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server priority support, as it migrates its existing Linux software over to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and virtualises existing servers.

It is important for large firms such as Renault to have easier and more efficient interoperability between Microsoft products and other platforms according to Susan Hauser, general manager strategic partnerships and licensing at the vendor. She added: “Customers have asked for solutions to make Microsoft products work better with other platforms and for IP assurance that enables vendors to build technical bridges.”

Microsoft reached an initially controversial deal with Novell in November 2006.

Since then Novell has said that a substantial part of its new revenues have come from licensing deals originated by Microsoft.

Last year, Renault stepped up its IT department’s direct involvement in car design and production by implementing Adobe Acrobat 3D software to improve the way employees at its engine and body plants collaborate.