Rentokil has reduced its overspend on licences to save hundreds of thousands of pounds in the UK.

Acquisitions of other companies had left the business services company with duplicates of software licences and a lack of a clear view of its IT infrastructure.

“Over recent years Rentokil Initial had acquired and disposed of a large number of businesses. Historically software acquisitioning was completed on a local basis. We did not have a clear understanding of our estate in terms of compliance or numbers. We needed to get controls in place as quickly as possible,” said Brian Kinsella, CIO at Rentokil.

Rentokil Initial implemented the Managesoft Enterprise Compliance Manager software to find and remove duplicates of software licences, brought about by.

The software, which includes the Software Asset Management (SAM) and Licence Management tool, helped Rentokil Initial to meet legal requirements and regulatory compliance by providing it with a complete overview of its IT situation across the entire estate. The system reports any potential cost savings in software licensing by looking at duplication of licences, licence breaches, purchase terms, maintenance renewals, software allocation and licence types used.

The Rentokil Initial director of IT services Martyn Howe said: “Once the implementation of the ManageSoft SAM tool was in place, we found we were significantly over licensed. Whilst we suspected there would be some level of over licensing, we were surprised at the level it had reached. Our over-subscription in the UK represents a six figure sum alone. We have now introduced a freeze on licence purchasing in the UK until the over subscription has been consumed.”

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