Repsol, the oil and gas company, is deploying a new knowledge management platform.

The company is set to use Autonomy’s IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) technology and its Virage video and audio analysis system for knowledge management across the enterprise.

Repsol is active in more than thirty countries, and produces around a million barrels of oil a day. It operates four chemical plants and nine refineries in the world, and sells through around 7,000 service stations.

Repsol said IDOL’s conceptual abilities and connectivity to all data types and repositories will provide a search tool that helps it remove the manual effort traditionally involved in retrieving and extracting business value from electronic information.

The platform will enable Repsol employees to search across different departments and operating systems, geographic locations and languages, in order to find relevant information regardless of data type or format. Additional capabilities include delivering personalised information, including through automated alerts, as well as categorisation and automatic hyperlinking.

Domingo Valhondo, knowledge management chief at Repsol, said, "Autonomy allows us to harness all our electronic information on one platform - including our rich media data - and use it to its best advantage in order to improve the productivity of our employees across multiple business units."