Sainsbury's is improving its supply chain technology for non-food items by enhancing communications, visibility and accuracy for 800 suppliers across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The deployment of a system from Wesupply follows a similar initiative using Wesupply for 900 suppliers of its food range, which runs on an IBM back end to allow those suppliers to have browser access to the supply chain.

The overall objective of the non-food project is again to replace a paper based process to improve the accuracy of invoicing and to apply greater control throughout the order-to-cash-cycle.

Wesupply will enhance the existing browser functionality to cater for the processing, presentation and supplier acceptance of extended contract details, along with other non-food specific requirements, said Sainsbury's.

Sainsbury’s is also now implementing the final part of its Foods Replatforming Project, where the Wesupply electronic trading system is being used to manage and monitor the flow of all EDI data within the Sainsbury’s supply chain.

Ed Thomas, Sainsbury’s logistics IT programme manager, said, “Wesupply have consistently delivered quality code to agreed timescales and budgets."

Earlier this year Sainsbury’s said it will be investing in new IT systems  to support and develop its growing online business.