SAP tech

SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe announced the general availability of the enterprise software giant's widely used Business Suite on its in-memory platform HANA, after four months of ramp up with 100 customers.

Applications such as ERP, CRM and SCM running in-memory allow companies to run transactions and analytics in near real-time, and SAP has pinned much of its future success on HANA.

General availability of Business Suite on HANA follows last week’s announcement that SAP is now also providing companies with the option to run Business Suite on HANA as a managed service in a private cloud environment.

SAP is hoping that by allowing customers the option of a private cloud deployment in a third-party data centre this will help drive the adoption of Business Suite on HANA, as it allows companies to run prototypes of the solution without the need to purchase expensive kit.

“We launched Business Suite on HANA in January and we had tremendous feedback from the first customers. We had more than 100 customers working with us, and we also went live with our own CRM on HANA,” said Snabe during his keynote at the company’s annual customer and partner event in Orlando.

“I am proud, right here, right now, to announce the general availability of Business Suite on HANA. This is significantly ahead of time.”

Snabe told attendees that SAP is now ready for any customers that want to put applications in-memory.

“We had a ramp up phase, we always do one, because we want to make sure we have engineers for all of the first customers and we use this to make sure we are ready for volume,” he said.

“Now that we have the feedback from customers, we are ready for volume.”