STA Travel has bought new technology to help accelerate delivery of website content to its worldwide network of offices and local websites.

Following a number of years of sustained growth, STA Travel recently decided to centralise its many local web presences, implementing a single content management system. This reduced the company’s operational costs and enabled it to ensure consistency of style and content across local websites.

But when the new system went live the company found some remote branch offices experienced performance issues including reduced connectivity and slower page loading times, due to their geographic distance from the content management system.

STA Travel selected Zeus Technology’s Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager (ZXTM) to accelerate the delivery of content to these local sites. The system improves the speed and performance of its regional websites by accelerating the content delivered from its central data centre, as well as improving local website traffic management and load balancing capabilities.

ZXTM provided the solution, deployed on a utility computing platform based on Egenera BladeFrame systems. And the technology’s load balancing and caching capabilities are being used to bring the content closer to the end user in the Pacific region.

Peter Brand, STA Travel operations head the web optimisation technology helped the content management project complete on time and within budget, without modification to the existing systems.

“ZXTM has helped us ensure our new content management system performs at optimum levels. Not only have page loading times improved, but we now know the service will be completely reliable, regardless of the location. We were delighted that the solution can be used without requiring any modifications to the content management system,” said Brand.