The Student Loans Company has awarded a contract to Rocela for support services for its performance management system.

Under the contract, worth £365,373, Rocela will manage the support for the SLC's Oracle and Hyperion software systems, with a view to hosting the services.

The performance of the SLC has come under a great deal of fire recently, which resulted in the forced resignation of the organisation’s chief executive and chairman, Ralph Seymour-Jackson and John Goodfellow, respectively, in May.

A processing fiasco a year ago left hundreds and thousands of students without finance. The problems began with what the National Audit Office called a document scanning “meltdown” at the SLC, after the system was introduced without full testing, and then failed to work. A backlog of a quarter of a million cases built up, and a separate independent report concluded that the company lacked a formal IT plan.

Nonetheless, the independent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers did note that the SLC had “re-developed” the scanning software, and that it was moving to a service oriented architecture. It said this “should allow the introduction of new services without significant impact on the existing applications”.