TalkTalk remains the most complained about phone and broadband service provider in the UK, quarterly figures from telecoms regulator Ofcom have shown.

For the period between July and September 2011, the company’s complaint level for its broadband services was 0.55 per 1,000 customers, slightly worse than BT Retail’s 0.50, Orange’s 0.44 and considerably worse than Sky and Virgin’s 0.19.

TalkTalk also received the most complaints for landline phone services, with 0.77 complaining per 1,000, this time much worse than for any other provider.

As bad as TalkTalk’s performance looks, it represents a significant improvement in the figures for Q1 2011, where 0.81 customers per 1,000 complained about its broadband. A year ago, the company was threatened with a large fine if it didn’t sort out the large number of billing complaints made against it.

Complaints against mobile providers were at a much lower rate, headed by 3UK which received 0.14 complaints per 1,000 customers.

Broadband and mobile companies will point to the very low numbers complaining although such numbers are always likely to be an underestimate – most unhappy customers don’t complain to regulators such as Ofcom, restricting their ire to the company’s own customer services teams.