Tesco is speeding the way it prepares and releases new applications across its online business.

The supermarket chain is deploying application release automation software from Nolio. Tesco will use Nolio ASAP as its standard solution for application releases across via its virtualised datacentres.

Vipul Shah, head of release, deployment and software configuration management at, said: "Nolio allows us to greatly speed-up our roll-out processes and ensure higher quality of releases. The product's ease of use is hugely beneficial to us in terms of maintainability and reducing overheads."

Shah said the deployment would support Tesco's core "Go Faster" strategy.

"Nolio ASAP fits in well with this ethos and ensures we have the right mechanism in place to deliver exciting new offerings to our customers," Shah said.

Nolio centralises application release processes by using an XML manifest as its live "system of record" throughout the deployment. The technique, supported by Nolio's Application Release Automation Platform, separates deployment payload data from process. This means that application changes are deployed with nominal manual changes, reducing the risk of human error, preserving the new application architecture as the roll-out progresses, and ensuring a faster time to market.

Earlier this month Tesco rival Sainsbury's announced it would be investing in its IT systems to support and develop its growing online platforms.