TUI Travel has signed a multi-year contract with Anite to implement its @comRes reservation platform into its UK and Ireland business.

The travel giant said that the contract represents another step in its move away from legacy systems to “seamless integrated reservation platforms”.

It was the lack of an integrated holiday booking system that led to TUI Travel’s accounting errors last year, which forced the company to write off £117 million and led to the resignation of CFO Paul Bowtell.

The company said it lost control of key booking systems after merging First Choice and Thomson. Ity annual report last October stated, “As part of a drive for further cost savings and efficiencies, processes around the two systems were streamlined, roles were consolidated and parts of the process were transferred to an outsource provider in India.

“As a result, it is now understood that control weaknesses arose and the level of differences between the two systems grew.”

Forrester analyst Dave West  said the problem was a warning to businesses who use cost-cutting as a main driver for outsourcing.

TUI Travel said that the implementation of Anite’s system in its UK and Ireland business follows a successful installation of the platform in its German business.

According to Anite, the contract also allows TUI to extend the associated licence to other businesses in its organisation in the future.

In January, TUI Travel also revealed it was looking to develop a sophisticated management system that it said would help to improve efficiency. This was follwed in March by a six-year infrastructure outsourcing deal with Dell Services.