The University of Sussex is deploying the Agresso HE Campus business platform from UNIT4 in a bid to improve efficiency.

The university has selected the finance, projects, procurement, awards management and CRM (customer relationship management) modules from the Agresso HE Campus suite.

The University aims to modernise its approach to cost management and revenue generating opportunities.

Allan Spencer, director of finance at the University of Sussex, said: "The new platform allows us to align the technology to the university’s strategy, so implementing best-in-class technology as and when required.”

UNIT4 began implementing the platform this month to enable the streamlining of processes across the university’s many separate departments, and provide one version of strategic customer, project and accounting information.

The platform is aimed at helping with spending decisions, by allowing managers to view and report upon real-time budgets and spending across departments, as well as across individual research projects.

This visibility is designed to allow business managers to keep a tight rein on costs, and allow research teams to better apportion grants and project budgets to achieve research aims.

The platform could also improve services by breaking down information silos and using relevant existing information to benefit ongoing projects.

Spencer said the system "automates administration through workflow whilst also providing the right information at the right time" to personnel. He added: "This enables our experts to have a more strategic focus on finance strategy, world-class research or business development.”