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I’m asking you. Right now. As someone who is helping drive digital transformation, how would you describe your job? Can you easily articulate the difference you’re making? To your business. To the industry. Even to the world.

For any CIO, CDO, CTO (take your pick) – it’s a tough question.

The traditional role of senior leadership in the “IT” space has, as we all know, changed beyond recognition. That’s perhaps one reason why even settling on a standard “title” for key positions has proved so elusive.

Whether you identify as a “Chief Information Officer”, a “Head of Digital Transformation” or anything in between, you’re likely to be facing similar high-level challenges:

  • Meeting new, fast-evolving business needs while optimising existing investments and balancing IT operational efficiency
  • Helping drive competitive advantage by rapidly delivering new services and insights
  • Inspiring exceptional experiences to exceed customer expectations and enable a collaborative digital workplace

And there’s the dilemma.

It’s a tough gig

Today’s CIOs – and leaders – must continuously support an ecosystem of capabilities that balances a desire to innovate with the need to keep the lights on. And it takes real skill to make that happen.

Consumer expectations continue to evolve at a rapid pace.  Organisations are seeing competitive threats from inside and outside their industry. Reacting slowly can be fatal. As a CIO, you can inspire real transformational change. You can be the disrupter – rather than the disrupted – in your industry. You can take the initiative to fuel a data-driven, digital transformation that infuses insight across your company and rapidly compose new solutions that deliver significant value to the business.

A dedicated insight hub

But successfully driving digital transformation is no mean feat. That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated website aimed at CIOs and leaders tasked with this objective – wherever you are on your journey, and whatever your job title.

It provides all the latest insights, opinion and guidance on topics ranging from Blockchain, machine learning, security and mobility to maximising the potential of your employees in the digital era. IBM experts from across the globe contribute regularly, making it an ideal resource for CIOs looking to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive environment.

Take a look

Visit our digital transformation website for ideas, inspiration and practical guidance from IBM subject matter experts and other thought leaders.