Fastest-growing non-certified IT skills | Which non-certifiable IT skills are growing in demand?

IT certificates don't come cheap, and sometimes non-certified skills can be of even greater value

There's an endless array of IT skills certificates available at eye-popping prices, but many of those growing fastest in value require no certification.

Independent IT benchmark research and advisory firm Foote Partners has been reporting on the value and demand of different IT skills since 1999 in its IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index since 1999.

The company's co-founder David Foote told CIO UK sister title Computerworld in the US about its latest findings in December 2016, based on data collected and analysed from 3,000 US and Canadian employers up to 1 October 2016. 

The market value of IT skills varies immensely as demands change with business needs and technology development. Read on for Foote's top 20 non-certified skills at the end of 2016.