There are an estimated 2,700 unfilled technology start-up jobs available in the UK, with 1,100 of them outside London.

Classified job ads search engine Adzuna has shown where the jobs are located with an infographic on its site. "We want to show you that you don’t have to just be in London to bag a start-up job – in fact, there’s a fever of entrepreneurial activity spreading throughout the country," said Adzuna.

The figures show 33 percent of the vacancies are for developers, while 25 percent are for marketers. Additionally, 13 percent are for "product people", and another 9 per cent are for designers. A further 9 percent are made up of intern vacancies. There are other vacancies in business development and for analysts.

While over 1,600 of the vacancies are in London, with the Clerkenwell and Hoxton (Silicon Roundabout) areas showing up the most vacancies, there are another 400 in other parts of the south east and a further 200 in East Anglia.

There are 140 vacancies in the north west and 100 in the west and east midlands combined. There are only 8 vacancies in Wales and Northern Ireland.

The average start-up wage is £36,000 and the percentage of start-ups offering equity to new hirings is 27 percent - perhaps lower than some may have thought, when comparing with the early US start-up model.