CIO Summit Langham1

Customer experience and interactions has dramatically altered the business models of 77% of CIOs, a CIO Summit survey carried out yesterday reveals.

The 2014 CIO Summit, held on September 24th in Central London had over 140 CIOs attending to discuss business, technology and leadership. For the 2014 event, held in association with CSC and Delphix, CIO UK worked with British mobile technology leader Jadu to create an App to carry out instant research and enable greater collaboration.

Three surveys were carried out during the event to gauge CIO’s attitudes to digital customer experience, board leadership attitudes to digital change and the role of the CIO’s department as either leading business change or a support service.

The first survey of the day asked the CIO Summit attendees: Has digital technology significantly impacted the customer interaction and experience at your organisation? The majority (77%) said digital technology was impacting their organisation. The Jadu App enabled CIOs to provide anonymous details as to the reasons behind their answer.

“Technology is the enabler to business objectives - innovations fosters cost control and gaining access to the customer who expect technology to match the consumer tech,” replied one business technology leader. Another positive response was from a CIO in the retail space: “Retail is moving back to a personal experience using digital to do it at a mass scale.” Also with a customer focus, a third CIO said: “Customers demand digital interaction and this is only increasing day by day”. Another CIO added: “Need to pay attention to customer service and join up the view of offline and online customer interactions.”

However, a Public Sector CIO did not feel so positively to their vertical market: “Public sector is 10-15 years behind, using faxes, paper and the phone.”

The 2014 CIO Summit featured over 140 CIOs from a wide variety of vertical markets, including financial services, construction, media, health, scientific services as well as central and local government. Speakers at the 2014 CIO Summit included Andrew Jordan of NBCUniversal, Graham Benson of M&M Direct and Anna Barsby of Halfords.