Accenture gazes into the future for computing

What's in store for CIOs?

Recent research from Accenture Institute for High Performance shows that enterprise IT is on the brink of major changes with the role of the CIO under increased scrutiny.

Called The Future of Enterprise IT Survey, the research finds that barely one in 5 executives have a clear idea of what the CIO role will mean by 2016

To adapt easily to future trends CIOs must recognise the interplay between geopolitical, social and economic forces and how that will impact technology in the next five years.

Some key figures from the research include the following:

 - In the face of fierce global competition, the CIO position will become a service delivery role instead of a strategic one
 - In many predicted visions of the future, CIOs will face growing pressure to reduce IT costs and come up with newer, more radical solutions to reach targets
 - Half of executives are currently revamping or planning to transform their enterprise IT within the next 12 months
 - 27 per cent of executives expect companies to start seeking alternatives to the Internet within the next five years

Front pic: Bitterjug cc2.0