Power generation and rail infrastructure supplier Alstrom has signed a six-year deal with Atos Origin for desktop support for 55,000 users worldwide.

The contract will see Atos working for Alstrom in 70 coutnries through its network of eight global service desks and onsite technicians deployed in key countries.

Transferring desktop support over to Atos will be a phased process, but is forecast to be completed in less than three years.

To deliver this new contract, Atos will link its global voice over IP and data networks to Alstom’s global network, and use service desks in Poland, Malaysia, France, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Onsite technical support will be provided by Atos Origin or Alstom teams, depending on the country.

Other functions, including software packaging, remote software distribution, master file creation, anti-virus management and security patching, will be delivered centrally by Atos from Paris to ensure consistency and security.

“The helpdesk network was key in our decision to choose Atos,” said William Nodale, who is heading the project at Alstom.

“This network will enable us to provide all our users with support in their native language on working days, and in English the rest of the time. Our employees, who are increasingly on the road every day around the world, will be able to count on technical support at all times.”

Alstrom has 4,200 staff in the UK, based in 30 locations. As elsewhere in the world, in the UK it is a major supplier of products and services to the rail transport and power generation industries. In power, Alstom has supplied around half of the UK installed generating base and is the market leader in the power service market. Alstom is also a long-standing provider of new vehicles, maintenance, signalling and parts.