The well known stamp with the phrase "Hello From Cupertino' is soon to be an Apple trademark, as the company has filed an application for the Mail icon. Apple has also registered a design for the USB Stick being used for the OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive.

Apple's latest trademark application was published on Friday, by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Apple filed application 85398447 on 15 August under International Class 009, which covers electronic mail and messaging software.

The application describes the Mail icon as "an image of stamp depicting a brown hawk in a blue sky with the words "HELLO FROM CUPERTINO, CA" in a superimposed circle with an apple with a bite removed in the center and wavy lined to the right."

Patently Apple reports that Apple has also registered their design for the OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive in China, where the country's Patent and Trademark Office has registered it under the application number 1100548.5.

The Lion Thumb Drive is available for £55 from the Apple Store, instead of the usual operating system installation discs, for those unable to download the new OS X Lion from the Mac App Store.