BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has signed two agreements in the past week to provide expertise and share services with IT professionals in India.

In a contract with Brilliant Examination Provider (BEP) in Delhi, BEP will be allowed to deliver BCS’s qualifications to its IT members.

BEP will start off by offering BCS’s qualifications in Green IT, Software Testing and Business Analysis.

Michiel Van der Voort, executive director, international, at BCS, said: "A key area for BEP and BCS is software testing, given the leading position of Indian IT in the area of software engineering and development. Green is a major topic in India and we strongly believe that BCS' Green IT qualifications can be a valuable contribution.

Van der Voort added that more BCS qualifications could be offered next year.

“In a year's time BEP and BCS will discuss the further growth of the market, based on feedback from the customers,” he said.

Meanwhile, last week BCS signed a memorandum of understanding with the Computer Society of India.

Both organisations pledged in principle to endorse and share services, publications and qualifications for their members, with each organisation offering a 50 percent discount off membership to the other’s organisation.

In addition, the Computer Society of India will recognise courses by the BCS, including E-Type, Business Analysis, Software Testing and EU Code of Conduct for Data centres, as part of its CPD programmes.

In March 2009, the Association of Professional Staffing Companies found that over three times as many foreign IT workers were employed in the UK the previous year than during the dotcom boom, with the vast majority, 29,400 workers, coming from India.