bet365 has announced plans to recruit a new specialist team of software developers and network architects to build the online gambling company a more efficient IT platform for the future.

Members of the team must be open-minded, said Martin Davies, the company’s CTO.

“We are looking for people that can come and look at the way we do things at the moment with an open mind.

“We want to have people not constrained by one piece of software. We are looking for people who look at a problem and say what do I need to solve the problem? We want the best way of solving the problem, rather than what they already know,” he said.

The problem that the new IT team will work to solve is how to make software run faster and more efficiently on hardware with increasing processing power.

The traditional way of writing software, based on the multi-threading model, does not scale efficiently, Davies said.

“We currently have computers with 80 CPU cores and next year we will have 160 CPU cores. The issue is the software isn’t going quicker because you have more CPUS. You have to change the way you write the software,” he explained.

Bet365 wants software developers who are willing to explore new software languages, such as Scala and Akka, and ways of writing software to enable this. It is also looking for people with skills in functional programming.

But the hiring drive is not limited to software. The company also wants people such as hardware solution architects, to evaluate new hardware platforms.

The new team will be kept separate from the existing IT team, which is under pressure to respond to existing business demands, so that it has the freedom to research and develop new platforms.

Bet365 current systems are made up of a multi-tier object oriented software platform mostly working on a Microsoft .Net framework with some cloud products on Java. It spent £60 million on IT alone, last year.

The jobs will be based in the Midlands, with salaries at around or above “good London-based” levels.

“People are very well paid for the area,” said Davies.