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Brigadier Alan Hill of the British Army will speak in the Leadership strand of the 2014 CIO Summit. Hill has led 3000 troops within the 11th Signal Brigade at the front line in Northern Ireland and Iraq and is well versed in the art of leadership.

The British Army will need strong leadership between now and 2020. Despite the tensions in Middle East and Ukraine, currently at their very worst, the government with the Ministry of Defence is cutting 25,000 armed forces personnel and 29,000 civilian staff by 2015. This is the biggest round of cuts to the military since the end of the Cold War.

The Army, a public sector operation with an annual budget of £10.5 billion, employs 140,000 people not only across the UK, but also in Germany, Kenya, Canada, Brunei and Afghanistan.


Brigadier Alan Hill has had a 30 year career in military IT and has served around the world on exercises and operations.  He has commanded forces at squadron, regimental and brigade level and more recently was at the UK’s Permanent Joint HQ responsible for communications support to UK worldwide operations and to the permanent joint operating bases around the globe.  Since 2011 he has held the role of Head of Information Superiority (deputy-CIO and Head of IT) at the British Army HQ.  This role has been key to driving transformation by “putting Information at the heart of the Army” in the business space and the battle space.

What he told CIO UK:

“Command them by being with them, helping them, leading them and making sure they feel valued,” he says. “And make sure you are out and about all the time – it’s not about being sat in an office.”

The business:

Hill’s signal corps is responsible for networks, infrastructure and applications through a chain from brigade headquarters to battle group headquarters, then down to the companies and lastly on to the sections out on patrol. That means a “big fat broadband pipe all the way to the battle group headquarters” and then reliable wireless communications for the companies and sections.

“We must remain focused on our services. A 30-second outage is big for a bank, but it can be life-threatening for us,” Hill says.

The technology:

To make the Army more efficient, secure and able to achieve its complicated mission, in 2005 the Army and MoD launched the defence information infrastructure (DII) programme. DII is one of the rare large IT project successes to be found in the public sector.

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