A focus on industry standards, such as ISO certification, is still a strong trend in the UK, according to CA Technologies.

Speaking at the company’s CA World event in Las Vegas, Bjarne Rasmussen, senior vice president and European chief technology officer at CA told CIO sister title ComputerworldUK that the continued trend was positive.

“We still see that England is very focused on governance, and it is a very good thing,” said Rasmussen. “It is good to set a target for yourself and to document it to your stakeholders and business holders.”

He explained that by clearly setting out targets to reach certain standards and reporting on the steps to obtain the goals allows businesses to monitor exactly how money has been invested to improve the business.

Accurate documentation can also mean that credit is given where its due, Rasmussen added.

According to Rasmussen, in the UK, the government was the lead in this trend, although it is also growing in financial institutions due to the increasing need to be efficient, “to do more with less”.

In their drive to reach standards of compliance, Rasmussen said that there was a trend for organisations to invest in service lifecycle technologies, which has evolved from incident reporting. In the past employees in a business would report a problem or incident to a helpdesk, which would then respond to each request individually.

“It’s not just about incident reporting now, it’s much wider. It’s about self-service and building a complete lifecycle around the user. If you define the process, you can build the process in the system. To prevent errors and speed the process, you try and automate the process – so it will not break because someone makes a mistake,” said Rasmussen.

Don Ferguson, CTO of CA, also noted that the company’s customers are becoming increasingly interested in defining processes as part of their approach to cloud computing.

“A large part of what we see is if you’re going to try and virtualise something or go to a cloud service, you have to know what you have and how it is connected, and what transactions it is supporting.”

Meanwhile, Rasmussen said that sustainability, or green IT, was becoming more and more significant. This is particularly important in the UK, where the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme recently launched.

“An increasing number of customers on the executive level are really focused on green for a number of reasons. If you start to do it right, you can save money. It’s stupid not to do it.

“Consumers have a growing interest in green – if I tell my customers I’m doing green, I have more feet in my shop," he said.

However, Rasmussen said that the main barrier to organisations investing in green IT was the problem of measuring and collecting data on energy consumption. This has led to CA building a governance solution that allows organisations to monitor and report their energy consumption.