The British Red Cross has chosen a paging system from PageOne to cut its emergency response time during major incidents.

It will use the PageOne system to streamline its current manual process which saw it undertaking a ring-round to see which volunteers were available to offer emergency support and then make further calls deploy volunteers.

The decision to roll out the PageOne system follows a successful pilot conducted in the South West to prove its resilience and capabilities to Red Cross staff and volunteers. A training package was then produced for experienced staff and volunteers who manage all requests from the emergency services or local authorities.

John Blake, emergency response assistant for the British Red Cross, said the paging system had been well received in the pilot by both staff and volunteers, who not only “saw it as an enabler and invaluable tool in allowing them to respond immediately and effectively, but equally as a first for the voluntary sector."

PageOne's technology has already proved its effectiveness in alerting additional first aiders during during the summer flooding in Gloucestershire, when the system proved invaluable in mobilising teams to support the evacuation of those flooded and then with distribution of food and water.

All PageOne systems are powered by the company's Oventus platform, developed to enable the integration of mobile messaging across different networks and technologies.