CA is no more. The company formerly known as Computer Associates has changed its name once more and is now CA Technologies

The company changed its name in 2006 as part of a new broom overhaul following a series of embarrassing lawsuits. The company's chief executive officer, Sanjay Kumar was jailed for 12 years for stock price manipulation and the entire board of directors was replaced.

Bizarrely, CA Technologies is already used by a car paint suppliers, something that could lead to some interesting confusion. CA executives, however, believe that the new monicker is a better reflection of what the company does. "The name CA Technologies acknowledges both our past and points to our future as a leader in delivering the solutions that will revolutionise the way IT powers business agility," said CEO Bill McCracken. "We are executing on a bold strategy to delight our customers with unprecedented levels of IT speed and flexibility."

In his keynote at the company's CA World conference, McCracken stressed the importance of cloud computing and virtualisation to CA Technologies' future. "People still ask if I think the cloud is really going to happen.  I say no; I don't think it's going to happen.  I know it is going to happen because it is happening now. Virtualisation and cloud computing will enable businesses to adapt to rapidly changing market and customer needs," he said.

CA had to make a major cut to its headcount in April of this year.