Hosting provider Coreix has made a 20-year commitment to the World Land Trust to become the UK’s first carbon neutral datacentre.

Coreix has partnered with the World Land Trust to offset its carbon output. Each year the World Land Trust will plant a 1.2 hectare area in Ecuador for Coreix. Over a twenty-year period, it has been calculated that this planting programme will counterbalance all of Coreix’s annual carbon emissions.

Managing director Imran Boota call Coreix a "trail blazer" with its green agenda.

"We hope others will follow in our footsteps to make the UK’s datacentre industry much more environmentally friendly.

"The method that we use to offset carbon emissions through restoration ecology not only helps tackle the effects of climate change but also helps to protect whole ecological environments – helping threatened species of flora and fauna to survive,” he added

The announcement is the latest in a series from vendors and solution providers to provide environmentally sustainable offerings. In August, Sun Microsystems announced it would cut its energy consumption by one third.

Based in London, Coreix provides managed hosting services to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. Coreix said its datacentre produces around 19.3 tonnes of CO2 per month, or 232.2 tonnes each year. Its electricity use runs to 45,000 kWh per month.