Ricky Gervais turned-up at Microsoft’s Thames Valley Park campus to do a one-off show for the Softies. Annoying, licence-funded millionaire Jonathan Ross performed his shtick for the company’s product launches. And When ‘Dollar’ Bill Gates stood down from day-to-day involvement with the company, his farewell video starred presidential candidates, tone-deaf planet saviour Bono, and Steven Spielberg. So it’s no great shock that Microsoft could pay comedian Jerry Seinfeld $10m to star in ads promoting Windows.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Seinfeld – who has been on ‘missing persons’ lists ever since the end of his eponymous sitcom – will star alongside Bill Gates, a man who has had more final acts than John Gielgud since he announced plans to step down from Microsoft back in 1392.

Will it be worth the candle for Microsoft? It’s difficult to see what awareness Windows needs, given that it is one of the most potent sub-brands in history. And anyway, when was the last TV ad that made you feel better about an IT company? Still, Seinfeld is a funny man - or at least he was back in the 1990s. Maybe Microsoft needs updating again.