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Some 69% of CIOs do not believe their peers in the organisational leadership team are prepared for the changes that digital technology will inflict on their organisations. Asked by an App-based survey at the 2014 CIO Summit, the audience made up exclusively of end user business technologists said that the leadership teams of organisations were not skilled to cope with the dramatic changes sweeping across all types of organisation.

The 2014 CIO Summit, held on September 24th in Central London, had over 140 CIOs attending to discuss business, technology and leadership. For the 2014 event, held in association with CSC and Delphix, CIO UK worked with British mobile technology leader Jadu to create an App to carry out instant research and enable greater collaboration.

The second survey of the day asked the delegates: “Is your organisation’s leadership team equipped for the changes that digital will bring?” A resounding 69% do not believe their leadership team are equipped.

The Jadu App enabled CIOs to provide anonymous details as to the reasons behind their answer. Some of the answers to this question show the level of frustration CIOs have with their organisations that talk about transformation but do not embrace it.

“Ignorance and complacency,” said one CIO of their organisation; “General lack of knowledge and understanding of digital technology,” said another,” backed up by another; “They don't place enough significance on it,” and “Insufficient understanding at board level.”

Not all the responses were negative: “They understand technology could help but don't know how to 'allow' the business to make the most of it.” And even more hopeful, one CIO clearly has an a leadership team that understand the digital revolution: “Mobile and social media interfaces are fundamental to the business model, and are core to the overall business strategy, with a CIO who is part of a close knit IT savvy board.”

The 2014 CIO Summit featured over 140 CIOs from a wide variety of vertical markets, including financial services, construction, media, health, scientific services as well as central and local government. Speakers at the 2014 CIO Summit included Richard Corbridge of the Clinical Research Network, Sander Kristel of Staffordshire County Council and the Cloud Industry Forum.